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Home Staging

Are you maximizing your options to improve the saleability of your home?  Staging your home is one of the smartest decisions a seller can make.  Home Staging can turn a cold and lifeless looking property into a warm, inviting home in a potential buyer’s mind. First impressions are everything and if your property is presented in the right way, it will enchant your visitors and make it irresistible.

Home staging is the process of de-personalizing a home and making it “buyer ready” so it appeals to the largest potential buyer audience possible using proven design techniques that highlight the home’s best architectural features.

Home Stating, also known as real estate staging, is not home decorating but rather an art that utilizes a home owner’s existing furniture, lighting, and art work to draw a potential buyer’s eye to the positive aspects of your home.  Home staging will address furniture layouts, paint schemes, clutter, traffic flows, focal points, lighting, accent colour, and creating that WOW factor.

Some sellers are reluctant to spend the money on home staging, but that is usually shortsighted as the cost of staging your home is minimal compared to the rewards it will produce.  Study after study has shown that staged homes usually sell much faster, and for a higher selling price.

The most buyer traffic will come through a home the first two weeks it is on the market.  No one gets a second chance to make a great first impression, therefore when a potential buyers steps through your front door, it is critical they have a positive reaction, as that first impression is what they will take with them when they walk back out the door, and remember. With buyers expecting move-in ready homes and becoming more aware of what to expect in a home, more sellers are turning to home staging to help them differentiate their home from the competition.


  • Sellers who stage their properties first, also end up packing most of their belongings before the home goes on the market; this makes the move less stressful.
  • All the clutter is removed from your home prior to your first Open House.
  • The statistics show your home will sell faster because it will show better.



  • The buyers can see the architectural features of the home they want to buy rather than wading through clutter and family pictures.
  • Potential buyers are able to envision their belongings fitting in the space because all excess furniture and clutter has been removed.
  • A property that has been professionally staged has optimal room layouts, which shows all potential buyers the best way to utilize the space in every room.

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